Ok folks, I am just curious, what would be the slickest program to use for creating these nice image maps that so many sights have today?

I mean, no days you have to be more than just a programming/analyst, but a bloody artist too...least with the web side anyway.


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I would have to say adobe photoshop is the best program I've found for any type of 2d editing.

make the image in photoshop or fireworks or whatever, then use frontpage's built in hotspot/imagemap tool (its on teh "Pictures" toolbar at the end)

Thanks, I often overlook the simple programs like Front Page...always turn to the big guns like Visual Studio, and Go Live.


Me too. Actually, I didn't know that until a few weeks ago when some novice told me about it :-P


you can try my free online tool to creat image maps!

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Hey Guys

Sorry for digging up this thread .. but is it possible to design a Form in Photoshop and then make the various buttons do something within Visual Studio as a mobile application .. not a website???

If so ... how ??

Yes you can use buttons, radio boxes and check buttons, however you will be hard pressed for text box and text field functionality and no chance for drop downs as far I can search my knowledge. On other hand to much custom graphic will slow down your application

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