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you missed Need for speed and ofcourse the sims :D

The Sims, yes, Need for Speed no. Did not think very highly of it. kind of a brainless game.



nah need for speed is the best racing game on the pc for years on GT could beat it, but that wwont ever make it to pc


I've got to take it back a bit and go with XCOM: UFO Defense. I'm still addicted to that game.



Clive Barker's Undying
Max Payne
Jedi Knight


Blade Runner
Grim Fandango
Gabriel Knight 3


Baldur's Gate (1 and 2)
Neverwinter Nights
(And I'd just about kill for a copy of Planescape:Torment)


System Shock 2
Far Cry
Deus Ex
Max Payne 2
Beyond Good and Evil

I am addicted to games and cant stop playing a game once I start it no matter how tedius and boring that might turn out to be(and that's without any cheat-codes). I have played both deus ex and oni and finished both of them. However, i dont see any reason for these two games to be in the "The BEST PC games of all time". They both are "mediocre"- categary games and got tedius as i played along. My list would be:

Diablo 2
Unreal Tournament
Warcraft 3
Age of Empires 2
Return to castle wolfenstein
Grand Theft Auto(GTA) 3
Medal of Honour
Soul Reaver 2
.... and many more

I have played almost any games u can name :)
But becos i m running low on cash for the last 1 and a half year my pc has become quite obsolete compared to today's high-end graphics machine and i have to say with a heavy heart that i havent played most of the latest games and probably wont any sooner bcos my pc wont support it. I am getting detached with all the best games of recent times :sad:


Hasnt anybuddy played Sudden Strike, Sudden Strike 2 and now recently released Sudden Strike Resource War ????

I like strategy games .... I've played need for speed all versions except 7 underground ... and I've played

Max Payne
the sims
sim theme park

Cricket 2004
Fifa 2004

and I am addicted to neo geo games too:).


I think my favourite game of all time would have to be Monkey Island. I used to have an old Amiga 500+ (what a machine that was!) and I adored that game when I was a kid. I guess a lot of my love of that game is sentimental too, because it marked the beginnings and ends of a lot of things for me. Plus its funny as hell despite the fact that its all text and no voices hehehe.

Other than that, my best games list is as follows (in no particular order):

Hitman I, II & III
Soldier of Fortune I & II
Doom (the early games)
Discworld I, II & III
Mystery of the Druids
Beneath a Steel Sky
Monkey Island II, III & IV
Broken Sword I & II
Grim Fandango
Street Fighter II (The old arcade machine version)

I think that'll do for now ;) As you can probably tell I'm a big fan of Point 'n Click adventures! hehehe

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