For all of you windows users that have been debating whether or not to change to Linux; now is the time to act, to see what it is all about.

The people at Linspire are giving Linspire 5.0 away for free (digital download only) until September 6th. Simply go to purchase the $49.95 digital edition, and then enter coupon code "freespire" to receive a $49.95 discount.

Linspire 'formally known as Lindows' has specifically designed a Linux distribution to appeal to the Microsoft/windows crowd. I beta tested for this company last year, and it was a GREAT desktop OS, keep in mind, this is not for the die hard, customizing Linux guy.

They are the closest thing to windows as any Linux distribution has ever gotten. The best part of their OS is the automated update utility, similar to Red Hat, and Windows, as well as the integration of wine to run actual windows applications.

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Two things I wonder:

One: Is it still full of pushy, in-your-face attempts to get you to buy all kinds of stuff?


Two: How does it compare to Xandros, which is also highly touted as the best Linux distro for Windows users?

I've never used Xandros, and it isn't pushy to get you to buy things as long as you maintain an active subscription to their update service, which is free for the first year with this promotion code.

I'll check out Xandros and let you know which I find better.


Looking for "Freespire" (a free copy of Linspire)?
You've come to the right place...

Currently all of our servers are busy.

Thanks for your interest in Linspire's Limited special offer.
Our servers are trying to deal with the massive number of customers that are interested in getting their free copy of Linspire OS. Please be patient, and come back later while we deal with all of our incoming requests.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Linspire Team.

It also kept me logged in from the last time I heard about one of these coupons, which was around 3-4 months ago.

Yes, the site is extremely busy. I also apologize for my previous update, the CRN *update service* is not included with this copy, so yes, it is $20/yr for the update service.

I believe you mean formerly Lindows.

i must say I won't be taking them up on this offer. If I want to use windows I'll use windows, not their windows clone. Let's get real. Linux is not for everybody. It's not even for most people and it probobly never will be. Linux is, however, very good for its niche users. It is extremly customizable, and it has a great hippie appeal to it. Linspire fails on both counts.

I like Debian, mostly for it's community oriented development. Debian is extremely opensource, and not at all commercial. This is good for both customization and hippie appeal. New users should use a debian based live CD like knoppix.

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