Hey all,

I've been working on this project for a while now, it was originally called 'MyChat' or 'MyChatbox' but it was more along the lines of a shoutbox, than a chatbox so it has been named 'JustShout!'.

The entire concept of it is an image based shoutbox. Usual/traditional shoutboxes are hosted on the user's website and can only be viewed on that one page on that one site, this is 'portable' in a sense; you can link to it in any site/forum.

for instance, these following images are hosted on my site but can be viewed here.

[img]http://www.helraizer.co.uk/mychatbox/user/helraizer.gif[/img] - full (link supposed to be image)


[img]http://www.helraizer.co.uk/mychatbox/user/helraizer_myspace.gif[/img] - JustShout! mini (supposed to be image)

At the moment I have these following things have been implimented:

- Anti-spam/flood methods introduced: users can only post once every 60 seconds; once a user has posted 2 consecutive posts the cannot post again until another user has posted or until 1 hour (60 minutes) has passed.

-Registered users get both JustShout! and JustShout!Mini shoutboxes.
-Choice of 5 fonts and 6 colours to add variety to posts.
-The shoutbox author (user who's shoutbox it is) can delete posts the don't want in their shoutbox.
-Users (registered or not) who have posted in a shoutbox can edit and/or delete their posts.
-The image and form can be included on a myspace page so users can post directly from MySpace.

Coming soon:
-User CP:
-users will be able to make their shoutbox different dimensions.
-users will be able to make a personalised censor list to filter posts with words they may find offensive.
-users will be able to upload their own background, choose different fonts and colours.

So, what do you guys (and gals) think? :D

Can you think of any other cool tools and 'things' I could impliment to make it better/more accessible?


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Make it so that users can input smilies, pictures and stuff like that.

Make it so that users can input smilies, pictures and stuff like that.

Yeah, I'm working on this but it's not as easy as I once thought, since it's image based so dynamic, not sure how I'd get the x/y values on the image for where the text 'xD' or '=D' or ':)' is. I'm working on it, though.

Long time no see here.

I've made the emoticons as was suggested before! :D

The user control panel for the full size JustShout! is now up and running.

An example of some standard and custom backgrounds:





As you can see, you can also change the size of your chatbox. Anything between 50x60 (if you really wanted anything quite so small), to 999x999. The image you upload will be converted to a png file and then set to 20% transparency for the background; that way the light colours will always show up.

What do you think?

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