One of my games Warcraft III the Frozen Throne does not support my widescreen. To fix the problem I manually edited the resolution for the game in the registry editor.

Few nights ago the game for some unknown reason the game had set back to its default stretched low resolution. I went to the registry editor and the folder for the game is no longer there!!

So right now I am basically stuck with a stretched low resolution and bad color depths on the game. The game will not allow you to select optimum resolution and the resolutions it provides are stretched. I need the registry editor to fix it!! But it’s gone.. :(

Can anyone please help me to fix this problem?


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Do a system restore to YESTERDAY and then the settings will be back (Or to before you first noticed this)

Good luck!


Let me get this right.

Are you using a third party registry editor or are you using Start - Run and typing in regedit?

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