I don't normally do this but I have been clicking on these sites for about 5 years or more - I hope that others will also. Every click a bowl of rice, a piece of rain forest, a mammogram, a book, etc.....

HungerSite. Then if you see something you like buy it to give more.

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discussed before. They're fraudulent.

You are going to have to provide more info than that. In what way are they a fraud. Do they not provide free food for each click? I looked at the thread started by thedude and there was nothing there.

I will believe Snopes over a four-word dismissal.


Yeah. Its illegal. They are running a pay-per-click scam.

What is illegal? How is it a scam? They have been there since 1999; if they are a scam or illegal, then they would be gone. Help me out here - what are you talking about? Just to repeat what I said to jwenting - show me something to contradict Snopes.

Sometimes you guys can be a bit dismissive w/o much support.


it's a scam. But even snopes is afraid to stand up against someone claiming to be a "charity" who has big money for lawyers just eager to start defamation lawsuits.

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