Whats The Best Way To Do Online Marketing On Myspace?

I have friend blaster, which allows me to send a bunch of messages and friend requests at the same time, but what are a few other ways i can market on myspace?


using add friender robots ... :=)

if you know any one that really works show us to use :)

I thought they made robots illegal on myspace; I am almost sure of it go check the terms of conditions.

Yeah MySpace is very strict about spam so don't overdo things that might trigger the MySpace spam busters or else you may find your profile deleted from MySpace.

The best way to do online marketing on myspace that I knowgoes as follows
(A have your settings so you accept everyone as a friend then send out bulletins every few days whatever your marketing.
(b you can request their friends to be your friend thus growing your amount of friends and people who recieve your bulletins
(C this is NOT an option do not use friendblaster or any form of robot spamming on myspace you have to manually make friends.

not only spread your network, also write some informative post and share it with your friends

Increase your friend request, keep on posting on blog and participant on my space forum.