... this whole reputation points and altering power business works...

ive got like 70-some-odd points, but i still only have one little green box, and 1 altering point.

I'd sure feel cool if i could get a few more green things ... it'd also be nice to know what the basic formula is, so it doesnt seem so arbitrary.

I dont know if this is appropriate question for the "geeks lounge", but i figure anyone who gives a damn about their e-Rep on an internet forum, has got to be a geek in the eyes of most of the world.


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You get your second green box at 100 points. When you get to 10 posts you get a rep pint then another at 500. Then I think it is every 1,000 posts you get another. You also get a rep power point for each year you are a member. Lastly your reputation also affects rep power. I'm pretty sure that is how it all works but I might be mistaken.

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thanks for breaking that down for me! makes sense :-)

Edward's guess is that you get one star every 1,000 posts. That seems consistent, but Ed has been wrong too often in the past. ;)


It absolutely correct, except for Jbennet. He should have 11 stars but only has 10.

There is probably a maximum possible number of stars.


There is only 10 stars and titles

Rep power is affected by post count (i have less blocks but more rep power than ancient) , whereas the number of blocks isnt (thats solely an indicator of rep power - the darker blocks are worth more than the lighter ones i think)


The whole thing is a little bit like the painted flags on some military uniforms. Most folks don't know what they are for. I always thought that the stars where the LOL count.


I always thought that the stars where the LOL count.

Tss.. I have 1 star and I dare you to find one other post then this one, where I use the word 'LOL'


And rep points don't count here in the coffee house.

so, if i get positive or negative points on a post here in the geeks lounge, it wont add or subtract from my overall "reputation points"... is that right?

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