Not on the street, but at work theres loads of cameras everywhere (staff theft issues) and i dont like being monitored all the time, its kinda opressive.

You mean they are stealing members of the staff in England?


the film serves its purpose. Here a lot of kids do animal farm in english lessons when they are ~13 and it helps involve them

another good one is THX 1138, the first film made by George Lucas.
Don't watch when you're depressed...

Imagine an entire city populated by blonds and redheads who have shaved heads and wear white baggy jumpsuits - I swear to god I could not tell anyone apart in that film - they all had freckles (not complaining about freckle mind you - just that there were no distinguishing features like clothes or hair that we normally use to tell people apart). Then they were all in a white room, in white jumpsuits and even depth perception disappeared. except for one person (donald pleasance) and, of course, the cops (scene: a cop walks into a wall, steps back, adjusts his belt, then walks into the wall - over and over with a voice over "officer malfunction in corridor nnn.."). Then there was that all cop channel where cops with these 'really, really' long night sticks beat a guy while asking "are you now or have you ever been" -- I was surprised that noone mentioned this scene when the Rodney King beating was broadcast.

Ahh, here I am getting all nostalgic for an old movie - thanks for reminding me jwenting!!

who has seen the island?

I've seen many islands, and even been to a few. Which island are you referring to? :)

commented: Hehe +5

the film "the island"

its kinda like the one you mentioned. People are bred in a kind of "brave new world" type way, into a world kinda like 1984, in order for thier organs to be harvested.

hmm, THX1138 meets Lord Of the Flies meet the Matrix meets Flatlander.

The island was a bomb ass film. I love that flick.

Here is an haunting addition to the Panopticon: you talkin' to me?. These speakers can target one person in a crowd and only that person will hear the sound. So, with RFID readers scanning you for hints as to what you are interested in, combined with all those cameras in 'the commons', someone could be whispering ads in your ear - knowing your innermost secrets.

Not that I am paranoid or anything

don't ask yourself whether you're paranoid, ask yourself whether you're paranoid enough.

John Twelve Hawks has written some very good books that do deal with this form of prison. I read them awhile back and if you enjoy reading his style of fiction I urge anyone to read them. The author himself is quite interesting.

I read the first book and made it most of the way through the 2nd but much as I liked all the people he introduced - he killed them all off. He never killed any of the people I hated, only the people I liked, I just could not take any more. sigh! such a waste.

These cameras are an invasion of our privacy. But I guess that people just tend to forget that they are there, unless of course you are breaking the law at the time !

Blizzard - did you see the rock video made completely from FOI-requested security tapes (it is just a couple posts back). What to do with lots of time on your hands and no money.

Who do you want to control your medical records?
Google or Micro$oft? There are others fighting for the prize but they will just end up as brown-stuff between the toes of these giants.

I was just digging through some 'cctv' stuff and happened on this Banksy 'interview' - if you have the time, the last minute is pretty good.

Who is Banksy? Might as well ask what does 'lipstick on a pig' mean?

I keep finding these scary stories! I sleep well but sometimes I fear (for) the future.

Heh,heh - here is a match made in hell:
"The American Civil Liberties Union and the libertarian Cato Institute are troubled by what they consider an expansion of executive authority."

What really bothers me is that we already have the National Guard - heck, we also have the well-trained reserve forces for use as Posse Comitatus. I wonder how deeply Cheney tunneled into arpanet? And what his activation code is?

That's amazing! I have the same code on my luggage.

I keep finding these scary stories! I sleep well but sometimes I fear (for) the future.

There's nothing scary at all about InfraGard. It's about education and information sharing. The members and member organizations have no police powers, can't do anything anyone else can't do. That story is so full of BS....

Val, a card carrying member.

I did not know where to put this so....

EyeBorg Project
Oddly enough:

He adds that people who know about the project are increasingly “freaked out” about being around him.

I can't possibly understand why. So, considering the amount of money that can be made on certain live-blogging web-sites, do you think that someone might be tempted to sacrifice an eye for 'streaming' income?

What cliches do you like?

I'll keep an eye on you
"I hear eyeballs clicking" (USMC drill instructor quote)
I will keep an eye out for you (privacy advocates)

Did anyone else see The Brother From Another Planet, and the camera trick used to 'show' what the eye saw?

Time to tweak your paranoia again - this time at panopticlick. The Electronic Freedom Foundation wanted to know how easy it would be to identify you with supposedly non-PII. Just visiting any site provided a lot of data that can be used to 'fingerprint' you.

Within our dataset of several hundred thousand visitors, only one in 1,033 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys 10.01 bits of identifying information.

I just found this article on using changes in your wi-fi signal to average your breaths per minute and/or figure out where you are in your home. If variations in wi-fi signal is fine enough to count your breaths, it can certainly track you in your home

I would have left my car and walked.

If you did that in my country, trust the government to be very active in towing your car but they would never be proactive to make sure the traffic/street lights work.