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I can add few more for this like : fingerprint scanner to unlock the cell and eye pupil detector to answer the call, and also have Steve jobs face hologram inside the apple symbol, precisely indicating that " i am watching uuuuu "


That's really cool' If its really containing the features you are mentioning. I am excited.


That's the direction Apple is heading. Apple wants to lock down their platform and control all the aspects of the user interface. They are building an appliance. They don't want the general user fiddling with the innards. The fewer options they build into the system the less unknowns they are forced to deal with. Thus the fewer programming resources they need to spend money on and the more profit they reap. Apple will then be able to offer their consumer a stable "entertainment" product. The trade-off is the product is less of a personal computer and more of a specific built product for whatever they feel will sell in that particular market.


I found this article from the EFF quite disturbing. What do you say about a company that would want to do this? ...

Thoughts? Comments? Scathing Rebuttals??


Here's a good idea. Why lock up our prisoners when we can just give each of them an iPhone each and buy the data off Apple to monitor the prisoners. Then you know everywhere they have been, who they have communicated with, what websites they have looked at etc and the prisoners don't even have to know that their being tracked by the government. Now that's what I call security. ;)

As per the pass away of Steve Jobs, I'm sure with his clever microprocessor technology he must have found a way to cheat death. Perhaps he is now a hologram programming the software for Apple. Who knows what goes on in the corporation. But they are my thoughts. :)


The apple is Big Huge Of software in market
thanks to Tim Cook

Bullsh*t. Have you been listening to the news a past week or so?

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Everything has two sides

Indeed. When Bill Gates left Microsoft the press was saying how he was the one who founded software and without him software would not exist today but now that Steve Jobs has died, surprise surprise they say the same thing about Steve Jobs. Honestly, who can believe the press if they can't make up their mind who founded software as we know it today.


Have u seen wat google does and is still doing.......hmmmmmmmm

yes there are some suspecious articles in there. I have done a screen capture from my dual monitors and pasted it here for you to see. Notice how google associates "Apple", "Steve" and "celebrates" as the top keywords for Steve Jobs death. Also Googles andriod is right next to the iPhone which isn't even as bigger news as the iPhone so the "Google Touts Android" should be way further down the list even if it the person at Google decided to write it after the release of the iPhone 4S and reset the release time backwards by 6 hours. Google just likes to have their name in front of every body elses.

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Sounds like another REPEAT Mistake Sony made with that kid hacking the ps3 and customizing it as his own.

If you purchased a product(RETAIL PRICE), you should be able to do WHATEVER you want with it. you BOUGHT it!

just be warned that it voids the warrenty...


yeah really good thought. I think Steve jobs is really a great person.

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yawn yawn yawn - anything original to contribute, at all?

I guess Microsoft does the exact same thing..
Also want to add that not everything that Apple does (did), is (was) Steve Job's idea, keep that in mind :)
But, ofc, before you start to doubt, I think Apple is a great, healthy company, and Steve Jobs was a great person, with wonderful ideas!

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