I can't believe I haven't joined earlier! Hi, I'm Shannon, I'm 25 and I live in FL (but a TX girl) with my boyfriend. We play lots of video games (all types, we don't discriminate) and I build pcs as a hobby. Currently, I'm trying to get my dad's computer up and running for my mom, since he just passed away. That's probably going to consist of a 4 hour format-reinstall later today, QQ.

Nice to meet you all, and I'm excited to keep up to date with the IT community here! :)

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Welcome to Daniweb! Enjoy your stay around here :)

It's a friendly community and Dani totally ROCKS!


Hi Shannon,
Welcome here.
What kind of games?
I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy 13.

Well, we finally ditched WoW in Feb, after playing for 3 years. We'll let everyone else do the raiding for us. :) We moved on the beach so we decided its best to kind of... get a life! lol..
We picked up GuildWars and played for a couple months, that became boring so we switched back to console gaming. I finally got a Wii and need to start collecting games for that. I love the Carnival game right now, and Cookin Mama! Actually, when FF13 comes out, I'd be totally interested in playing that too. I can't really remember, does FFOnline charge a monthly fee? It'd be nice if they didn't. I'd love to start playing a game that doesn't suck me in as hard as WoW did :P


I couldn't get the fiance off of GTA4 when it came out, now he's beaten it and moving on to demos like Battlefield (I think).. I love FPS games though. And pretty ones like FF!

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