Apparently, introductions are standard fare here, so please allow me to do mine.
My life is old, broad, and constantly changing.
12 years ago I was a sheet metal mechanic doing metal roofing, ductwork, and keeping guys like all of you cool, as well as your computers cooler still, and had no interest in computers.
11 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced melanoma cancer, and was introduced to computers to keep me from going insane while I recovered from my treatments.
10 years ago I returned to college and began studying math and physics.
9 years ago I took my first of two C++ classes, and wrote a C++ program to solve a sheet metal problem I was faced with 13 years ago.
During that time I purchased Borland's C++ suite. 5.0 I think it was.
I tried making window gui's for the program I wrote, and could never figure out how to link the forms with the program code that actually solved the problem.
7 years ago I paid my C++ tutor to link my code with the (I'd purchased M$'s Visual Studio 6 Suite) M$ J+ gui's I made, and got back a J+ program that I tried selling on the web-- with limited "luck."

After two years of trying to get web exposure with my own website, I finally gave up, and said phooey.
I'm back now, and want to try again. This time however, I've decided that learning C++ is easier than Sun's Java, and have also learned that there is a Java C++ converter that will allow C++ to run across all platforms, which was why I went Java to begin with.
So, my initial questions over in the appropriate section will be all about how to link gui forms to standard C++ programs-- mine specifically.

Beyond that, nowadays I work for the state government where I live as an engineering technician, processing water rights ownership claims, and I tinker quite extensively with Excel macros. It's actually been pretty cool, and I feel as though I'm getting fairly good at it.
Whoever said you can't teach an old dog new tricks ain't met this old dog! And in MHO is lying, or too cowardly to have tried.
Best to all.

Welcome to the site. You will enjoy the regulars and mods here, as well as the not-so-regulars.

We're a good bunch, and we don't bite. Just don't ask us how to do your homework for you. Show some effort!

Welcome aboard! Hope you'll enjoy it here.