Hi All,
I am new and possibly have not searched enough. I cannot find any discussion/troubleshooting/ideas/etc. concerning laptops. This is my own little area of interest and have been fairly successful in the power connector/motherboard area but other areas I need help. If anyone can point me to a forum group or sub group, please do!
I have one problem now on a customer's Dell 6000, It will run fine connected to an external monitor but nothing on the screen of the laptop. First thought of course, is replace LCD, but I made that mistake on one of my own a few years ago. Anyone with any suggestions for me on this?

Thanx and Have Great Dayss!!

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Power connector socket damage is a common laptop problem occurring when the laptop is dropped on the side with the power plug in the laptop. There are usually only two fixes for this. Motherboard replacement, or soldering on a new power socket.

It sounds like the laptop needs either a new power inverter to power the screen, or a new back light for the LCD. We usually replace the inverter first as they are much cheaper. Back lights need a clean room to be replaced, so we just swap out the screen in that case.

Hey Thank you,
I am familiar with the socket problem as I have replaced serveral of them or re-soldered the original ones after they broke. I got lucky on this one ( The Dell 6000) and found that the cable on the inverter was not making good contact, plus the machine was really dirty inside from dust and cat hair. It works fine now! I really appreciate your post.


I also have tried repairing those dc jacks as what i call those sockets. You can do that you can replace that jack, only if you have available parts near you..

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