Hi, everybody.

I am looking for advice from veteran webmasters--those who have successfully made money on the Internet.

To me, it seems like the main ways to make money from a website are either an affiliate program or an AdSense account. However, I am becoming increasingly skeptical about making money from affiliate programs. I have joined affiliate programs, a couple that are related to my websites and promoting products that are of personal interest to me, and the promised commissions are okay--but no money has ever materialized. So far, I have avoided AdSense because I think it cheapens the look of a website. I have been content to be an affiliate member for products that fit nicely into the themes of my websites. However, I have lately been thinking that $1.00 a day, a few pennies at a time through AdSense, is better than the prospect of big commissions that never appear. Real money is better than wishful thinking.

So now I am wondering if the experiences of more experienced webmasters confirms my perception? Is an AdSense account the best option for webmasters trying to monetize their sites? Or should I wait longer and hope traffic on my site grows to the point my affiliate participation finally makes money? I mean, statistically, you’d think one day somebody will send a commission my way. . . . won’t they?!?!

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Adsense is the best option unless you are not a full time web master and you are ready to test various affiliate program every week and see what is working and what is not.

I had it on my old blog and was earning a little money, but only a few cents every couple of weeks. It takes a lot of hits and clicks to earn any real money using it. However, the more traffic that hits your site the more you'll earn!

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