In recent times, email marketing has turned out to be a cost-effective method of approaching your clients & prospective customers.

It’s economical, quick & very simple. This is one of the strong reasons why many companies are using email as their base of marketing tool. Hence,
Targeted email marketing has huge benefits in today’s trends in marketing. Below are 4 of the benefits of targeted email marketing that you will come across when you are implementing email marketing into your business plans.
1> Find out who they are:
Many web sites gets huge traffic through email marketing, but only less number of visitors enters your web site and goes to the next level of contacting you. So you have to target the specific class & location of visitors. For example, if you are a manufacturer of automobile parts in New York, then you can target all automobile parts sellers or dealers in New York.
If these things are done appropriately this is the first step of success in Targeted Email Marketing.
2> Acquire a list of targeted email addresses or create it:
You can acquire an opt-in list according to your targeted area of interest from a list vendor. Or you can create your own list by deploying your sales executive or customer service personnel. But for better, faster & easy process, you can buy a list from a list provider. Nowadays, list vendors provide an option to customize the lists for the convenience of your targeted area of interests.
3> Email campaign development
The subject lines, being the first thing your targeted customers see is highly important. You need to make it count! The message in the subject line has to be conveyed properly. And the message body has to be accurately shaped. For example, if you are selling any product give the detailed specification of the product & price. You can also make use of various templates for email campaign. The important thing is to filter the spammy words if used in the message. Best practice is to test send yourself or to your in-house staff to ensure hassle-free delivery.
4> Sending mails
If you are sending mails in bulk, you can utilize cost-effective and user-friendly email marketing softwares, which should have the capability of sending & tracking those mails.

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Targeted email marketing

Nice post, i think email advertising is great for followup but for initial sales it doesn't always do well.

Hi Brianpeter,
Very Nice, but a few things are missing. You have not given:
1. Tools for Targeted Email Marketing.
2. Name or url of any opt-in list vendor
3. Name of cost-effective and user-friendly email marketing softwares, which should have the capability of sending & tracking those mails.


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