hi guys.. i need ur help badly . i need to implement the following project in c++, using oracle 9i as backend. but i dnt have any clue .. whr to start frm and how. please suggest me a possible lay out for this requirement. and i have also an doubt abt wht to use as gui for this project. and abt the application server to be used.. please suggest me if u have any rough ideas.. ..thx in advance.

the project details is as per follows..

The Banking System is an integrated on-line transaction based tool for the bank administrators to have the information about transactions of a particular branch for a given period of time and to maintain the day-to-day activities of the Bank. It automates all the functions of financial management in terms accounting applications and to provide best features by speeding up transactions processing, accuracy, reliability and decision make process.
The Bank Administrators is an authorized user of the system who has the privileges of accessing various modules of the system
This System has four modules

• Authentication Modules
This module concentrates on the security aspects of the system
• Transaction Entry
This involves creation of new customers, accounts and feeding of the day-to-day customer transactions.
• Transaction Maintenance
Here the already entered data related to customer like customer particulars. Customer accounts and customer transactions can be fetched and modified.
• Transaction Reporting
This is for the management to have an overall picture of that is a happening at the branch for a given period of time. This will cover reports like getting information on the trends of the customer deposits and withdrawals, what is the loan balances etc

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Given "using oracle 9i as backend.", is one to assume that this is your job, and not some run-of-the-mill homework assignment?


Given "using oracle 9i as backend.", is one to assume that this is your job, and not some run-of-the-mill homework assignment?

hello salem..i knw very well that this is my job and not some run-of-the-mill homework assignment. but ppl r not supposed to come here just for run-of-the-mill homework stuff all the time. so if this goes out of ur scope thn just keep quiet.. thank you..

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It's not our "scope" to do your job for you. Rather pathetic of you to ask - and in text-speak no less.

Like I'm interested in helping illiterati who can't do the job they're hired to do, and take a swipe at people who just try to clarify the situation.

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