Greetings and salutations to all.

OKAY, I've been lurking this forum for awhile...and the CIS/MIS/BS of CoSci issue has been debated to the death of it. My dilemma is slightly the same yet in a different direction.

Currently I'm attending a community college majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in communications. I have been of full-time attendance since the Fall of 2005 immediately after graduation, and will complete the courses for my prescribed degree in December 2007. Here’s where I’m seeking advice – After graduation, it is possible with an addition semester I can obtain an A.A.S. degree in computer systems support also. Would it be wise to go ahead and pursue this second A.A.S. which means I would have spent a total of 3 years in community college, or should I transfer to a University in order to obtain a B.B.A. in MIS. In the long-run, which would be more beneficial? Will the prestige of having a B.B.A. outweigh the experience I will gain with my two A.A.S. degrees?

Also, the University I plan on transferring to only allows a small number of my credits to transfer; I will have to continue schooling for an additional 3 years!!! (Totaling 5 instead of the normal 4; Not that I mind, its just that finances tend to become more restricted as I get older, move out on my own, pay rent, car notes, etc.)

So, what would you all do? I’m a 19 y/o female who’s in love with computers - from networking to programming and installing and building, who has the option of two A.A.S. degrees or one A.A.S and possibly a B.B.A. in MIS.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Pink,

I am in a similar dilema, but with a BS in networking and an AS in programming.

I have personally decided to forget the AS and attempt a MBA program. In your situation, I would suggest going for the BS. If you look from a hiring manager's point of view... you've opened a spot for a specific position, and you get a person with some knowledge on the job, and some knowledge with other areas, or you have a person with a wealth of knowledge specific to the job at hand... who do you pick?

These are simply oppinions from a lowly college freshman... so don't go sailing on the ship I build... :P
I'm sure you will get better, and more in depth replies than this...

Thank you Duki I sincerely appreciate your advice…and it’s too late I’ve already raised the anchor and set sail! :cool: But yes, upon contemplating the issue I feel like an extra year of schooling would be more favorable than the A.A.S. Degrees. However, I’ll be sure to apply the knowledge I’ve gained at my current school to unlock previous opportunities I may not have been viewed qualified for. I guess an A.A.S. and a B.A. in MIS at the age of 23 would have me well rounded for the IT industry and job market.

Any more opinions would certainly be welcomed.

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