My daughter has a Dell desktop Dimension 3100 computer. She keeps getting blue screen with stop codes at the bottom. I have tried to do a system restore (they did not send me a disk - they just say to do a system restore), but the screen still keeps popping up.

The stop codes that are listed are 0x00000004 (ox00000018, 0x00000002,0x00000000,0x8051B8C4)

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What operating system is on the computer?

Windows XP Home Edition

Do you have another computer with a floppy drive or a cd burner?

yes, one with a cd drive

You have to create a boot disk, just google for an XP Home boot disk, your looking for an image to burn onto the cd. It has to be made bootable so it will the computer will read it right. When your computer is starting up, hit what ever key you need to so you can get into the bios and choose boot from cd as your number 1 choice. Have your cd key ready and just do a repair windows option, it should walk you through it. I am at work but will be checking this periodically if you have trouble.


the dells that dont have disks usually have a recovery partition.

hit control + f11 repeatedly when the system is starting up .


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