I'm new to programming, don't know much
Have an assignment due and need some to point me in the right direction.
I've started but can't get pass one of the most important task because i have no idea wot to do.
Can some one please help I've done the first 2 task i just need someone 2 explain task 3

The Scenario
The membership details of all members of the soccer club are currently monitored using a manual list. At club meetings the membership list is checked by the club secretary and no person may enter the meeting who is not on the list. Members must pay an annual subscription which is at adult level or junior (under 18 years of age on 1 September) level. Details of all members are registered with the local soccer league to enable them to play in matches. The information currently stored in the
list includes the following:
• member name
• member number
• address
• contact telephone number
• membership level (adult or junior)
• date of payment.
The membership list is also made available to the treasurer who monitors the membership and subscriptions. The club runs three teams, 1st team, 2nd team and junior team and the captains of each team also have access to the membership list so that they can select players for matches against other clubs. The club secretary also records the number of matches played by each member including team played for, goals scored, bookings (yellow cards) and sending offs (red cards) for each player. This information is recorded after each match played.
The club officials have requested that the membership system be computerized. The aim is to speed up the production of regular monitoring reports on players and meet the soccer league requirements regarding player records and data protection.

Task 3 – 20 Marks
a) Write a procedure that will check for paid-up members. This procedure will be included in the
program that the secretary will use when checking if people are allowed into meetings.
b) Write pseudocode for the two reports described in Task 1. Include in your code the procedure
written in 3a).
c) Write pseudocode for a reports main menu.
Note: you are not expected to write pseudocode for the options, only the code to navigate the
menu is required.

If you have already done the previous parts then you should have vew problems with Task 3 (a). All that is asking you to do is write a function that (1) asks for a member's name, and (2) search the file for that member and display the payment info.

parts b and c require no code at all, only pseudocode that describes the steps needed to write the reports.


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