Hi i recently got a macbook so far it's been alright, but then i found out that i can't use the Shockwave player.... i tried googling to find out how to download the player, but i cannot find any useful answers.
Could somebody please help me here?

Thanks in advance

hi joeprogrammer i viewed that but i still dont understand it. Is there anything else besides that? and can you switch back later from the Rosetta emulation mode? do i have to do that everytime i want to use shockwave?

As you might already know, Macs were previously PowerPC-based, and in the last few years or so they've brought in the new Macs with Intel chipsets. What this essentially meant is that all software written for PowerPC-based Macs had to be rewritten to be compatible with the new Intel Macs. The problem right now is that Shockwave hasn't been rewritten for the Intel Macs (yet).

However, Apple included an emulation technology in the new Macs which would help with backwards-compatibility issues, called Rosetta. It is possible to run Shockwave under Rosetta, however, it requires running on a web browser that is also running on Rosetta. What this means for you is that you'll have to run Safari (or Firefox, if you prefer) in Rosetta mode not only to install, but every time you wish to use Shockwave player. It's not a great solution, but it's the best one that's available to you at the moment.

but theres shockwave for x86 BSD so why not for OSX?

>but theres shockwave for x86 BSD
News to me. It's not even available for Linux (which at least can run Adobe Flash natively).

Thanks so much joeprogrammer! I understand it now
I hope they have thoughts of updating their player software.. and hopefully sometime soon. or maybe a macbook wasnt a great choice for me :S

I don't think I've ever needed Shockwave Player, not even once. Most of the dynamic, colorful websites use Flash, which works quite well on the Intel Macs. And Shockwave Player doesn't even seem to be a huge priority for Adobe at the moment (probably for the reason mentioned above), although the way they write their article, they seem to imply they will port it eventually.

shockwave is needed for a lot of games

jbennet is right.
I used Shockwave for online games (some that i payed for..) I also need Shockwave for a language learning program :(
Their guide doesn't even work, i don't have any modes under my 'General' tab