I am totally new to programing and I recently regestered for school 2 weeks late so I am pretty lost. While searching the internet to find out about programing logic and came accross this site. Hopefully, I can get some help here because it is to late to get my money back for my class I registered for.

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Thanks, one i catch on and figure out what i am doing then hopefully i will be ok.


Thank you. Now if just one of you that wlecomed me since joined were an expert in writing psuedo code. I registered for school late and my project in week tree is due by noon central time. I asked the teacher for a little help and she was not so nice. I posted the problem on here in shell scripting forum.



Great news, can have until midnight tomorrow to hand my assignmet in. Bad news is when I asked for a little direction she said I should try to get a hold of some of my class mates to ask for help. This is an online class and the only time I have seen their names is in the live lecture on Wednesday. It stats their names but not how to contac them. I already went to the recording to see if there was contact information.

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