Hi all,

Ok, so a little about me - I'm a Computing lecturer, but with that said programming is something I don't focus on. I tend to teach rich media, mainly Games Design. I do also however teach systems support.

So, realising the gap, I thought I'd download all the Visual Studio Express versions and take the whole lot in. So far I'm inderstanding it, but I have one specific project in mind, and could do with a hand from the Daniweb community to pull it together.

So here I am saying 'hi' and looking to make new friends. But I am also keen to talk to any gurus out there who would be willing to mentor me with my programming project. More on this to follow in a seperate thread.

All the best,


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Sadly I've been put off the forum as had encountered a bit of trolling on my other thread to do with the making of my colourisation project.

I have 2 students helping me with this project now (not from Daniweb) and am working privately on this now.

Best regards,


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