Hi all,

Ok, so a little about me - I'm a Computing lecturer, but with that said programming is something I don't focus on. I tend to teach rich media, mainly Games Design. I do also however teach systems support.

So, realising the gap, I thought I'd download all the Visual Studio Express versions and take the whole lot in. So far I'm inderstanding it, but I have one specific project in mind, and could do with a hand from the Daniweb community to pull it together.

So here I am saying 'hi' and looking to make new friends. But I am also keen to talk to any gurus out there who would be willing to mentor me with my programming project. More on this to follow in a seperate thread.

All the best,


Hope you'll enjoy it here!

Hello there welcome to the community
you'll learn tons of info here..
enjoy posting

Sadly I've been put off the forum as had encountered a bit of trolling on my other thread to do with the making of my colourisation project.

I have 2 students helping me with this project now (not from Daniweb) and am working privately on this now.

Best regards,


Hope you'll enjoy the great programming gurus here!