hey all
This would be my 1st year out of school and into college woohoo!
My course is for one year and it is just based on programming... the languages i've chosen to do are C++ as my primary and Java as my secondary. My course has also included SQL Server, the basics of how to use a pc(lol), software engineering, linux and advanced administrating linux. Basically we get a months holiday for the year so it's a lot of work but a lot of fun as well....anyway! my question that I would like to ask is what should i study after this course. Basically in C++ this year we learnt all about classes/structs, pointers, memory managment, inheritance, the basics of making a client server application and also some basics in C++ interacting with SQL. (I'm still busy with the course(i'm on pointers/memory managment atm))

anyway are there any books you guys would recommend me getting after this course or just any advice on what i should do after this course? I rly wud like to learn more about C++ so maybe one day i can go work for the great BLIZZARD entertainment hehe;)

ps the book we are learning from is called Accelerated C++ http://www.acceleratedcpp.com/ and also a book from college called C++ study guide^^

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Accelerated C++ is a good book. I'd recommend learning how to use a language like Scheme, and then maybe later Haskell, because that will make you better aware of the advantages and deficiencies of C++ and Java when it comes to software design. Also, maybe learn the basics of assembly, and how to use tools like objdump , to see what your C and C++ compilers do and how things operate at the machine code level of abstraction.

thanks ill look into some of the ideas u've given:)

you must consult books of "Dietel and Dietel" may be i spelled it wrong but check it out and another one "How to learn language C,C++" and regarding java you must learn it too as may be you will need it in your final year project of your degree.
Al the best

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