hi folks
i m in my final year of software engineering i have 2 start my final year project
but i donot have any exciting idea so plz help me out
my interest fields are
1 Networking
2 Artificial Intelligence
3 Software Development

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Why you not go for some project in Networking. It is very hot topic now a days specially the Wireless Networking.
For example you can do some work with wifi , or wimax.
Dont you agree.

thanks alot for your response but i am nt familier with the both terms u hav mentioned.Can you tell me a little brief on both of these terms.It would be kind of you.

what about you come up with something of your own? If you lack even the brains to come up with a project idea, how are you ever going to succeed in this business and work independently?

Well i am searching for a exciting ideas so i was asking about that.And yah i m working on it but as its related to Final year project so thats why i want some innovation.but finally i got it.Its project using Websphere Bussiness process tool.thanks alot for for your concern.

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