Hello to everyone, am new at this forum, am from Puerto Rico, computer programing student(2year), was refered by a friend because i have some problems with my laptop :-(, Ill post a thread about it later in the right forum!! Wath else mmm...just a regular nice guy that loves computers!!

Name: Francisco
Nickname: paquitox
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Location: PR
Age: 26
Hobbies: PC Gaming, TV, Movies, Soccer!!

Relationship Status: Engaged

Fav Music: Rock, 30 seconds to mars, Regeton, Bob marley, almost everything, except country!!

Education: assoc blueprints desing, computer programing 2 year.

Work:full time student
Favorite Food: Pizza, Chinese/Spanish Food, Chicken, Steak, Tacos, and Fetuccini Alfredo, woooww
love the same food!!!

Favorite Movies: Heat, Godfather all of them, Carlitos Way, Donni Brasco, Goodfellas, TrainingDay,
all ganstar movies!! ooooohhhhh The Dark Night of course!!
Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, X-Files, Freinds, Rome....

Favorite Video Games: Day of Defeat:source PC, COD4, BF2, F.E.A.R.!!!!,

Stuff you Dislike: waking up early!! haha...

Hey Welcome to the site
hope you enjoy youre stay