ok...never thought of thinking to be a slave in a hotel for my whole entire life....so can someone tell how much does it cost to open a hotel and i mean it Full set!!....20 million? ok i mean the standard not the grand type of hotel.....well....too young to think something big'ya...well...hope that somebody that is expert in hotel, land, property can help me here.....going to be crazy being a slave in Hotel man!!!

The very fact that you are asking the question here leads me to believe that you have a lot to learn.
Do you plan on building from ground up?
Own the land or lease it?
In the city, the 'burbs, on a lonely stretch of road where you will live with your mother (oops, that is a motel - never mind)?
Buy an already built hotel? New or refurbished? will it be a hotel hotel or a hostel or a casino hotel?
will it be a destination hotel or recreational hotel? there are more questions but when you can answer these, then you might be closer to how much it will cost.

The cost will depend on location. Los Vegas or Hong Kong will cost quite a few millions, if not billions. Someone is building a new 3-story motel not far from where I live and they probably paid only about $100,000 USD or so for it (my guess) because its not in a very good location.

lol.....ok i have plan that to sign a partnership here....of course if want to do i must do big cause i am not 'Hilton' son's.....so i have a hotel building plan for 3 lots....one is for funky type such as clubbing, lounge, ...the second is about classic type such as 5 star rate for standard room, conventional, banquet, suite etc. As foe the third will be for just something as membership that they will have their own private place and area of enjoying their meals, activities.....etc.....(consideration)^^.....but all this is just aplan and a dream....so well.....now i am still learning and in the progress of taking up the pieces....so i think i might just take over ppl's hotel....but that still need time to do and learn how to deal with right...?hehe^^

Wow....so cheap? but ya...not a good location...hehe^^.....thought of Perth actually...haha....so have any oppinion?

of course the building is the smallest cost item...
Fitting out, crew, crew training, business licenses, advertising, etc. etc. etc.