As all of you know that PHP is a scripting language originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. Also it belongs to open source of family and is widely-used scripting language now-a-days.

But I wish to ask every member of this forum, what will be the future of PHP. Will it be able to sustain itself in the market.

Kindly post your reply here

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i thnk it wil remain in the market for long time
d reason is that if we compare it to the other language like asp.net
it has upper hands in terms of speed,cost etc............


Hi friend,
I think php will remain in market for ever as it is very widely used and is the most flexible server side scripting language I ever worked on. U need not to work on specific framework or system like that , developers have more flexibility for there codes and logic. Also Its newer versions are getting launched which contains all new features and better flexibility.

I wish best of luck to all php programmers.


Dear Friend!
You should not doubt about PHP.I think it will sustain a long period.
It is most popular now-a-days.I m aweb programmer also SCJP holder but working only in PHP-Mysql combaniation
I also think it is the best couple of web soluation.

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