i am making the hotel reservation system database.cosidering the following
customer(name,phone,address,city,creditcard no,etc)
reservation(check in date, check out date, price, customer name, no of rooms)
room (room no,room type, price)'

but i am not satisfied with it.i have to keep record of hall and table reservation as well .
i want to differentiate b/w resident customer and non resident customer .
plz any one guide me to build the complete ERD for my database i will be very thankful

plz help me as i have just started database

Before drawing the ER you need to gather all informations and be sure of all your requirments.

i have collected some information like

company information is added for corporate customer nad customer type will identify wether
the customer is resident or non resident.

this approach for cutomer is correct or else i have to use the supertype/subtype concept
basically i want to distinguish b/w resident or non resident and corporate customer and non corporate

plz guide me

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