I am considering ordering something small from a person via paypal. His account is "unregistered" and I am not sure if unregistered accounts can receive payments. Does anyone know if they can? He insists they can, but I just want to get confirmation first.

Thanks ! :lol:

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If you try to send money to an unregistered account, they will receive an email saying "You've received a payment. All you have to do is sign up and register with us to receive it." Now being an unverified member is something different than being an unregistered member. Unverified members can receive payment from someone else's PayPal balance, but not credit card payments.


Oops, I meant unverified. Thanks cscgal, that makes sense. So I guess since he can receive payments with unverified means that he can make payments. I dont want an angry seller on my hands heh. :)

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