Here's a question that I'd normally just solve myself with some testing, but I'm just looking for a quick yes or no before I get started with what I need this for.

I'm working on a VERY large website network that will have around 100 websites minimum included. All of the site data is stored in the DB, and the sites will all have the same look and feel / template, all of the PHP functions I will be using will be global to every site, and not just one.

What I want to do is share the two main directories that I have the "static" php scripts, includes, and images in.

Using the Apache Alias command I think this will work fine...

My question is this, since the Apache documentation is very brief on the Alias command, I want to make sure I'm understanding it right.

If I want the following directories to be shared by all sites, I figure I'll drop in a .htaccess file that looks something like this:

Alias /images /var/storage/path/www/shared/images
Alias /includes /var/storage/path/www/shared/includes

Will this direct ANYTHING within the "images" directory to the path on the server?
For example, I like to set up my images directory with several common subfolders. (icons, template, banners, etc.) So if I attempt to call the image, will this pull from the /var/storage/path/www/shared/images/icons directory, or would I need another line in the .htaccess file for each of the subdirectories?


The Alias directive allows documents to be stored in the local filesystem other than under the DocumentRoot. URLs with a (%-decoded) path beginning with url-path will be mapped to local files beginning with directory-filename.
Note that you may need to specify additional <Directory> sections which cover the destination of aliases
You can create different image alias with the same name per each virtual-host.