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I'm currently building a website for my youth group based in NYC. I have some knowledge about HTML and similar stuff but flash, php and whatsoever I am new too. Since we have a team that focuses on this particular area such as news, pictures, upcoming events, etc. The website that I created sometime ago is << url snipped >> . I used a photoshop template for that site. Since it was hard to modify it because photoshop is a pain. I've been searching the web and I came upon this site : http://liquid-acc.com/ and http://www.brandnewmagazine.com/ . I think that is exactly what I want for the website I'm currently building. I want something like that (entries that can be written by different members of the team about upcoming events, news and other stuff which can be flexible and easily modified) I also want to add on some thing from the old webpage that has the pictures and videos of events that we had. I need to work on the flash intro also. I really want it to look like this:

Please, if anyone have any suggestions, tips on what software to use and how to, tutorials and steps by step instructios, or anything that will benefit this website. Thanks you.

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you might want to try php nuke. it's free, offers many different templates that you can modify to meet your needs. you can also get a predesigned template and change it. i would however recommend the book php nuke garage which explains the nuances of php nuke in plain english.

Yeah I will look into that. Thanks!

Any more advice?

Thanks for the advice

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