Hey everyone! I'm a great mom that also runs a business on the same property as my home. I'm in the tedious process of taking inventory for all the items in my shop and would LOVE to have my laptop in there to make things easier. I have dsl service to my desktop and have developed a wireless home network using Network Magic. I have a laptop that has a SMC wireless network adapter card that works perfectly in the house. However, when I'm in my shop, I cannot catch the signal. I have a DLink wireless router set up that I can use, but I'm unsure if that will help my problem. It is over 100 ft from my shop to my home, so I can't run an ethernet cable. There would be too much noise over the cable (according to my phone guy).
Looking for suggestions. Betcha you have some for me!

Hi Valgal,

Welcome to the forum! You should post threads like this to the appropriate forum, in this case, Networking Hardware. Meanwhile, if you can get the DLink router in a window (direct line of sight with the shop) it will work at 100 ft.


Hi Valgal, welcome to the forum!

Hi Valgal, welcome to the forum. Nice to see a super mom :)

Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! Looks like I oops'd in the location of my first posting, so I apologize-virgin poster! Zeroth-thanks for the kind hint and advice.