Hello all,

I am completely new to asp.net. I would like to learn it. Please guide me.

1. what are the main development tools that I can use.?
2. what is the system requirements for the tool.?
3. Can I download that tool for free.

quick help will be greately appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to ASP.Net


1. Visual Studio 2005, or are you talking about controls, databases, etc? Basically you can do anything with ASP.Net. www.asp.net has some awesome tutorials that work in this environment (VS2005).

2. Not very much. I have a user that runs VS2005 on a 1ghz Athalon laptop.

3. Yes. http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/

Need any more help just let us know. :)


Hi, I'm new to C# ASP.NET too.

I don't understand what Visual Studio is.
Is Visual Studio actually an IDE that you can use to do things, or...
Is it a collection of 6 technologies...
1. Visual C# Express
2. VWD
3. Visual J#
4. Visual C++
5. Visual Basic
6. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

Please can someone explain.


Visual studio is both an IDE that you can use to do a multitude of things as well as a collection of many technologies brought together into one IDE to make things more simple.

There are also numerous add-ons you can get to improve your IDE and add new functionality.

Visual Studio is one of the best dev tools available for any .NET developer (My personal opinion)

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