Hi! I'm trying to make a flash intro for a client. I can make all the flashy effects and all that...but I have no idea how to make an intro that automatically redirects to the homepage when it's done. I can't find any tutorials about it...so I'm betting it's something obvious that I just havent figured out yet.

Any help will be appreciated.

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hi thanks for the quick responses! but i think my first post was a bit misleading. Acutally, the only thing I can do in Flash is make a simple banner , which i learnt from quick 10-minute tutorials. So can you guys give a little more detail?

Thanks again


I think you are looking for a preloader.
A preloader is a movieclip which plays until getBytesLoaded=getBytesTotal (the whole flash movie is loaded). After loaded, the movie goes to the main frame using gotoAndPlay.
Here's a tutorial.


at the end of the frame please write this code


please above code instead link.ext your home page and that extension

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