In our class we have usually been just programming with the command prompt, no visual stuff. but now, in what my teacher calls "making pretty pictures" we're supposed to make a graph. The only this is, i have no idea how to make actual pictures or colors come out. I use microsoft visual studio 9.0, i'm wondering if it comes with any standard graphics libraries, and a way to like "output" (idk if thats the right word) an individual pixel of a certain color. Thanks

Does your teacher explain anything else about making the graph? You can make a table of sorts in a console screen.

well we have already made a program that uses the newton method of finding zero's of an equation, such as x^2-1 to find zeros in the complex plane. basically he wants us to find which starting points will evaluate to a negative value, and which will evaluate to a positive one. The problem is, i have literally no knowledge of anything visual. I would make a double for loop, and if the function returned a positive value, somehow output a blue pixel, and if it was negative, output a green one.

all i need to do is make blue and green pixels come out. It doesn't need to be in an application or anything. My teacher discussed that we'd be doing it outside the Operating System?