I started playing with programming back when psuedocode was being taught in technical colleges... No jokes about my age, PLEASE! I also learned about binary, loops, and even created an even more archaic video game than "PONG" !!! I got real hard core about them back in the late 90's and became a pretty hard core Windows gal. Windows has been paying my bills ever since. I have basic knowledge of SQL, Crystal Syntax, Visual Basic, and some C . I know Office like the back of my hand. I have limited experience with routers but I have never come across one I couldn't figure out. I've worked for a major paint company in TX as the IT Manager and Compliance Manager. I have also ran a 501(c)3 International Charity. Currently I am quoting, installing, training, and managing home and small business networks ranging from paint companies to small business car dealerships. I can build PC's and troubleshoot them. I also do Data Recovery and I am cheaper than anyone so long as they work around me. I joined this community because I don't know ANYTHING about MAC. I want to learn. I don't know nearly enough about Linux and I will learn that too. Thank you for making this resource available.

an old HASP2 programmer welcomes you...

Welcome to Daniweb! I don't know anything about Mac too. :) (I do know something about MAC protocols)

Welcome to DanWeb.

>>No jokes about my age, PLEASE!
Naaaw. There are several other members including myself who are probably older. We don't discriminate on ancient technology or people :)