Ahem, so I am wondering as a current student how much of importance this is.

Preferably, how much of your daily work (percentage estimate) is spent in written communication versus oral?

Also under which situations are certain communication strategies more proper (email, memos, letters, face to face, etc).

If you could also post whoever you work for (company) and your name. I'd like to see how different types of jobs have different needs in terms of communication.

I'm currently a student but am told that now days Technical Communication is very important, which is why I'm required to take the class, however other schools still don't require it. It's a bit weird.

It really depends on your work nature and environment. If you are working with team members that are stationed overseas, or integrating with systems where their developers are not local, you would need a lot of communications. Also, we need to document our technical specifications and source codes so that other people can reference them, even if we no longer stay in the company.