What is the best kind of computer to play it on? mine is an old compaq presario... the L337 has drained from it. it cant even play AVP Gold... :'( *sob*

as long as you meet the minimum system requirements then you should be fine. but there is a reason why games have system requirements. i can run it on a 1.3ghz dual core and 1g of ram.

...Realy! Sweet! Just got a new com, Still a compaq but now it's shiny and has... Vista...(Dramatic music here!)

BOOO!!! if you want performance get rid of Vista. what are the specs on your new machine? I.E. ram, CPU, Hard drive, video card?

its a HPC
Amd Athlon Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
and of course a Vista OS

If you notice alot of the newer games will give minimum system requirements for XP then for Vista. there is a reason for that. XP uses way less resources than Vista. with that computer vista is using about half of your ram just to run the os. if you want to game with a lower end machine you need to get XP.

by the way i have a custom machine with a 1.6ghz dual core 2G of ram and a BFG 7950 that will run portal perfectly on High resolution. but i am running XP. i like vista don't get me wrong but for a smaller machine it isn't the best idea. if you want to run vista you can always upgrade ram to 4G DDR2 is cheap and you can get a 2G kit for about $30