Neither my D or E drive will play a CD-R . They both started with just CD's that I had burned , Now they dont seem to want to play anything My D drive will play CD-RW Discs only with no problem. E drive is DVD The E drive Dosen't Even try to play anything, L. It will only search the disk for a couple seconds then quit. I checked the properties of both Drives It says they are both operating properly, Also they both say o bytes empty space, 0 bytes full space,But capasity shows them all blue as if they are full. Len's have been cleaned, It had to be done manually Because they would'nt play the cleaner. Any Idea's of what's going on? They both started at about the same time. Iv'e changed the ide channel to pio just to check then back to dma, Ive run spybot,antivirus, and ad-aware but found nothing. The master-slave are still the same never have changed them .I have also reinstalled both drives, and checked for updated drivers but none are avalible, I'm all out of idea's. Anybody think of anything I have missed?
Thank you

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try a different ribbon cable.

New cable did'nt help

Plz try with another cd drive, (get once from any of your friend), if it seems same, then u sespect your motherboard, cable or OS, if it works good, so its time to change the drives.

Go ahead

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