hi everyone!
just thought i'd check in and see how you all are. Not going too bad with my c++ programming, I am rather new to it even though I'm a little familiar with other languages like java and php etc.
I just completed my first c++ test in class last monday and got 17 out of 20 (85%), though i thought i could have done better. Am pleased that I got top marks for my first assignment.
Am currently in the middle of my second assignment, which, at first glance, i did a OMG! I read on some more and starting to relax. Then, when I REALLY started reading it and commenced coding, I went back to the OMG stage again. No but seriously its going ok, a little trickier than the first one. Most of its done except the last question which is declaring a pump and a customer class for a petrol pump simulator! I'll get there.
Looking forward to finishing school this year, however, i'm must think i need torturing some more as I've applied for uni next year (another 2 more years of schooling!). Ah well, i just keep thinking it will be worth having a decent qualification just so as to get a decent job. Which is want you really have to have these days if u want a fairly well paid and satisfying career.
Well must go now, I'm probaly boring you all,
Cheers everyone!

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no, im not that sory guy from poland....

try the other side of the world and the opposite gender...



Programming with C++ is real easy and shouldn't give you any problems. If it does, we have a very helpfull C++ forum at DaniWeb with he brightest minds to be found anywhere just waiting for your questions.

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