635 (you're fighting a losing battle here jon...) :P

633. Well, we've gained one point, anyway... :)

633(we weill make a comeback!)

( doubltless we shall win...1.>!}

633 (how have we ended up on an odd number?!)

629. Pull, team, pull!
(odd number due to a slip of the keyboard by kkare, about ten moves back)

( Nice! keep it up..>>]

I do believe you might win...eventually :L

oh my, are there rules for cross-posting?
I think we stand at 625, n'est pas?

Apologies :( With your two downs we hit 623, and i uppy to 625 again :D

(thx for the doubt in your team sg :-)}

623 dammit ;)

621> no you won't!!!

LOL Achooooooooooo- 621...