Touché :) very very nice comeback :)

wait, what? oh yeah, 667.

I suppose a sock puppet would be out of the question? :)

Yes, yes it would. Unless it was one of the Murderdolls' sock puppets...that would be very cool.
Apines posted 667, so your post should have made 665, not 663, so I go back to...
667! ;)

Ah, well, I guess I should pack it in for the night anyway.
Enjoy yourselves.

667. Unfortunately I must leave soon as well. Night :)

Different time zone, different rules - 669 and still pumped with energy.


Okay, I'll give you one last chance to bow out of this gracefully. I'll accept a draw. You've fought a fair match, but I think it's time to retire while you've still got your dignity. Hm? What do you say?

I say bring it on, 673 :)

Oh, you don't know what you're getting into...


(Dramatic look on his face) - I WAS BORN FOR THIS!


Really? Oh, that's pretty sad, actually.

Are you sure?

Perhaps I've exaggerated a little bit, but just a little... 673
Gotta go to work... errr, I mean I have to train more for this game :)

Don't worry apines, your back up has arrived...

Back from work and ready for action - 679.