332 What do you mean by "this is for now"?

326 You're way too fast posting here guys!

322 I think so :D

318. Someone should help Team A, they are defenceless since most of their member left daniweb already. I will help Team A from now on. Any objections?


I'm editing my post after every time I post

312. I will help team a to make this game more fun. Since there are no enemies

314. ya i m having objection, coz i m here..

Of course there is objection! OBJECTION YOUR HONOR! :D

314. Every post you made i will count it as you post a number

Your post should be 312, paat



Doh! It's okay.. :(


I believe you're overtaking the rules here jingda!
So you are wenbnet!
Have you both reversed your roles?

considering Paat as 316
i m here 318

cmon Jinga speed up, i m here now
and u know my speed