Hi all. I'm currently operating off an ancient IBM Think Pad lap top and using dial up service because my whiz bang desk top PC with the cable modem is dead in the water. I no longer make fun of the Think Pad. Anyway. I'm in over my head at this point, not to mention at my whits end, and looking for some really knowledgeable people to help me out of a pinch. Greetings from the Hoosier state where fruity wines are loved and deer should be avoided while driving.
I downloaded Hijack This fine onto my desk top, then I downloaded Stopzilla and when I tried to purchase it is when I received my first error message, 'Cannot Find Server' & 'DNS Error'. I've tried restore, rebooting, dial up using a different ISP and I continue to get the same error. At one point early on the AOL screen would flicker on briefly and then flicker off. I'm not sure how to get the saved log from my Hijack This scan from the desk top for anyone to view.


Ive got an ancient thinkpad too, an R30.

I'll try the suggestions and put the hammer back in the tool box. Thanks.

Yeah start a new thread in the viruses board about your problem

just either upload the log as an attatchment (click "go advanced") or just copy and paste the text in between some code or quote tags.