Time for the SexBox 360 and PornStation 3?

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If it wasn't bad enough that someone is filing for a trademark to cover an adult-oriented games console called a SexBox, the world's largest adult entertainment company is seeking approval from Sony to turn its entertainment console into a PornStation 3.

Silican Xtal Corp, a San Jose based integrated circuit manufacturing company, has filed a trademark claim with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a SexBox. The filing refers to a "Video Gaming System Console comprised of computer hardware with unique user controls which plays interactive Adult Only rated video game software titles." I cannot imagine that the Microsoft lawyers will be taking this one laying down, considering how close to an Xbox a SexBox sounds. Indeed, the filing itself even talks about playing these adult content games through interactive adult communities and multiplayer online games. Considering that Microsoft does not allow such adults only content games, and we are not referring to 18 rated violent games but rather ones with a very explicit sexual content, you have to imagine it will fight this one all the way. If successful it could bring a whole new meaning to Red Rings of Death I guess.

Meanwhile, the largest adult entertainment (that's porn to you and me) company in the world, Vivid Entertainment, is apparently trying to convince Sony to allow porn content to be made available on the PS3. In an interview, Vivid boss Steve Hirsch argues that as long as "age verification is in place that (Sony) feels comfortable with we see no reason why adults shouldn't be allowed to access adult movies on the Playstation 3."

You might imagine that such a move stands as much chance as that SexBox trademark application being accepted, but there does seem to be a precedent albeit a Japanese only one. Apparently, Sony has allowed Blu-ray quality HD adult movies on-demand via DDM.TV in Japan only. So if PlayStation porn is OK in Japan one wonders why it will not be elsewhere in the world.

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Sexbox 360, Pornstation 3? You'll be yet even more suprised when you hear the real intentions of Nintendo with their bouncy cushion for the Wii...

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