dr. pepper. we dont get mountain dew here, what is it like? (maybe it just has another name)

coke or pepsi


you don't have mt. dew? wow, I'm learning so much! (it tastes like mello yellow, if you've ever tried that. or maybe sprite with a lot more sugar.)

coke. but I like both.

pancakes or waffles?



english or french mustard

french has bits and is nice for salad dressings, english is smooth yellow and used for hotdogs etc...


Shots, meaning intramuscular needles with medicine in it that either go through the deltoid or gluteus maximus. ;)

ice cream or milkshakes?



gluteous maximus = backside lol (stupid words filter wont let me have the A word, even when spelt the correct (rse! not ss!) way grr.....

thats kinda worrying actually as I am currently doing mamillian physiology in college :O and have an exam on it soon.

ice cream but real stuff not the rubbish whippy mcdonalds type stuff

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