Are they synonymous?

Supper - light evening meal.
Dinner - formal meal in honor of some person or occasion.

I'll go with Supper.

Saturday or Sunday?


"Relaxing" saturday with a Person of the opposite sex <- This is fun.

Jackie Chan or Jet Li?


Jackie Chan of course. Jet Li's still young, but Jackie Chan's a beast with his stunts.

Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan?


especially since he does ALL of his own and his dvd special features bloopers are awesome
do you agree?

hrm Britney Spears because i have sympathy for her but lindsay lohan because i watched Georgia Rule and lots of her other movies and i love her talent(even when she is all drugged out, lol)

(oh and if u were going towards looks wise iwould say britney b/c i hate lohans freckles ew!)


Hahaha. Totally agree, awesome and brilliant choreography. I don't like 'em both. I'd rather have a Hillary Duff poster on my cieling. Hehehe.

Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?


I don't know either of these so I'm going with photon (sounds cool)

Big difficult word or small difficult word

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