Hi, I'm JJ and i really need some help.

I have started up an internet forum to do with the newly announced Nintendo games console, Revolution.
I have it all set up but i need a bit of help with the traffic. I don't know how I can get it from me posting news to no-one, to the point where people are actually posting actively in my community.

This is the first time I have ever made a forum and I want to make it good! I am using phpbb and am really just fine with all the admin. If only i had more users...

Thanks in advance,


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Do a search on the forums about getting traffic to a new site - I gave a whole bunch of helpful pointers lots of times before. But basically, posting news is a great way to get started, because content is key. If there's content, people will come, I promise you. To get those initial visitors, try posting on other Nintendo forums with a link to your site in your signature. It's a great way for poeple with an interest in what you have to offer to find out about you. Just remember not to spam. :)

It'll probably be a little slow right now. But as the console is "officially" announced and pictures of it are out and some sources actually play it, then people will find your site (with good search engine optimization and advertising that is). Then as the console releases and as it gets older, even more people will find your site.

Just make sure you have plenty of content that appeals to every gamer, news, reviews, walkthroughs, screenshots, videos, etc.

MGM out

Thanks guys, you've given me some really great tips. I'm not a spammer so don't worry about me posting my forum's address everywhere - I know the rules. ;) If anyone else who is interested in Nintendo wants to check out my website then I'm putting the address in my sig. This is really good - I was wondering for a moment whether people would just come to my forum, laugh at the fact that no-one else was there and pop off again. Thanks everyone!


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