Alright I've tried posting this to many places and have yet to receive any solutions. My computer seems to lock up when I play games. I can play for about a minute if that and the game will completely lock up my computer. No alt tabing out or hibernation or anything.

My graphics card works just fine and my hdd isn't the issue, as games on both of my hdds crash. My computer isn't completely shutting down or turning off so I doubt it's my psu or my cpu. I even uninstalled XP and installed vista so it wasn't my os either. It lead me to my ram being the issue.

I used to have 2 1 gig sticks of ram. I had bought new ram just because I felt the ram was just bad. I did run memtest on the ram for about 6 things and said no errors so I was slightly confused.

In the mean time, I was given a stick of 1 gig. I had plugged that in while I was awaiting my new ram and the games ran just fine. Sure it didn't have that extra gig so it didn't run as well.

So I finally recieve my new 2 2gig sticks and plug them in and I get the same problem. Games still crash with about a minute of gameplay. But I took out one of the sticks and of course the crap runs just fine.

I've tested different slots and different timings and voltages and it still seems to be that the mobo just can't handle more than one stick of ram which I find stupid. Just to fully think it is my mobo, I try running memtest again but this time on the new ram. And now my computer freezes during memtest.

So long story short, my computer locks up on games with more than a stick of ram in. I can surf the internet just fine and do other things well, I just can't play video games. I have reason to believe it's the mobo, but it could also be the

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I guess also for the info, I'll list some specs.

Vista Ultimate 64bit

8800gts 512mb


1066 DDR2 G.Skill (5-5-5-15)

What PSU have you got? It is still possible that it is a PSU issue as games tend to draw more power than just about anything else.

Sounds like your mobo just can't handle the xtra RAM my friend. Have u checked the version online for any updates, or indeed restrictions? To fully eliminiate RAM, can u send it back and get replacement ones from whoever u got it from, saying u think it's faulty?

My psu is an OCZ GameXStream 700w, so I would certainly hope it isn't my psu.

I'm assuming you mean check online for any updates to my mobo? I'll check, but I just purchased my ram off newegg like 2 weeks ago so I can still send it back to them and get my ram replaced. I was planning to do that today.

a) Does every 3d game lock up or are there specific ones?

b) Did you consult the mobo manual when you purchased the RAM? Usually if the RAM is not on the list, then there is a fair chance that it will give you troubles like ones you're experiencing. (Speaking from the experience.)

c) You should check for BIOS updates for your Mobo. That might solve your problem.

d) I solved my problem by manually setting the timings and increasing the RAM voltage.

Well, it happens on Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike Source, Flatout Ultimate Carnage, I-Fluid.....pretty much all of my games have crashed.

I don't think I saw it on the list, but my old ram wasn't on the list either, and it worked fine for about a year and a half.

There is an update for my bios but when I try to update the bios by flashing, it won't detect my flash drive, even with all the usb things turned on in my bios.

I've also tried messing with many timings and increasing the voltage but that didn't work.

I did try running memtest, but it kept freezing on me so I dunno.

If memtest freezes then it must be either a ram or mobo problem I would say.

I suggest that you use mobo manual for the reference when buying RAM.

Also, I can't dismiss CPU as the root of the problem.

Try running Prime95. It might detect errors on it's torture test. That would indicate CPU problem (in my opinion).

Problem is that no-one can positively say that it is RAM and not CPU, or vice-versa without another RAM or CPU for comparison.

Well, I tried that Prime95.

Turns out the computer was doing ok in the small FFTs but then my computer froze on me when I tried the Blend testing. I believe this has to be the ram but how will I know what good ram to get? My motherboard doesn't seem to have any 2 gig sticks tested...

Well, seems like the only way to know which RAM suits you is to test it yourself.

You might try asking mobo's customer support to recommend you a model of RAM.

Does your mobo definately support 2gig sticks? Do you have the correct speed sticks? Are all sticks the same speed?

[Edit] I just looked up your mobo on's website and it says your mobo supports DDR2 PC2-6400 • CL=6 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-800 • 1.8V and DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-667 • 1.8V

You stated in your first post that you have 1066 DDR2 G.Skill (5-5-5-15)

You have the wrong ram.

Well, my old ram was 675 DDR2 Corsair (4-4-4-12) and they were only a gig each and the same stuff was happening to my computer. Is my old ram even compatible?

And if it is indeed the ram not workable with my mobo, is there any way to possibly get my motherboard to work with it?

Well, my old ram was 675 DDR2 Corsair (4-4-4-12) and they were only a gig each and the same stuff was happening to my computer. Is my old ram even compatible?

Quite possible.

And if it is indeed the ram not workable with my mobo, is there any way to possibly get my motherboard to work with it?

Absolutely not.

Damn...well I have the one stick of ram in and it seems to be working fine, only that it's 2 gigs and not 4 like I desire.

So basically, this mobo can't handle 1066 ram with 5-5-5-15 timings...damn it and I already bought this ram.

I tried looking at that site and I didn't see anything about running it at 1066. So I guess i can't get 1066 ram with this mobo?

I guess some other info....

a friend of mine has the GA-X38-DS4 and as 6GB RAM OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066

if his computer runs just fine with perfect stability, why wouldn't mine? I believe i have a slighty better mobo, more so just with more features.

Your friends mobo is a different one to yours and is computable with 1066.

Just because they are both made by GigaByte, it doesn't mean they are the same.

I've just checked qualified vendor list regarding RAM for your motherboard model, and I found two 1066 2-gig models. The only difference is that they both work on 7-7-7 latencies. Maybe you should downclock the RAM you bought?

Is that in reference to GA-X38-DQ6 or GA-X38-DS4 though Chaky?

Because GA-X38-DQ6 is the OP's mobo and GA-X38-DS4 is his friends!
(Just making sure here)


I found it on Gigy-byte's page. There is a PDF containing that list.

Only problem is that the list is partially in Chinese (not the specs, thankfully) and the site is PAINFULLY slow.

Here are some memory tests on that model.

That's weird, crucial listed 667 and 800 only?!?

Well, perhaps it is the first time their database has been wrong! Definitely possible. :)

Ok, so I'm checking out those timings....would my memory work If I set my timings to some of those? along with the voltages?

I'm just a little eh about putting my voltages that high...mine say 2.1 and I'm not even really sure if I should be pushing it any higher than that.

K I'm looking at

I'm checking out the timing for the 1066 ram for the gigabyte board. I see they also had their cpu at 3600mhz.....damn man I have mine at would that mean I should bump my timings to 4-4-4-12 and up the voltage?

Higher voltage is purely for stability (not to prevent freezes you expiriance, but to prevent memory allocation errors) and you should set the voltage as RAM manufacturer says.

For the timings, if they are within RAM capability (read: if the numbers are higher than declared by manufacturer) then it "should" work without any hickups, but I can't guarantee that.
Timing limit is primarly set by (in your case) RAM. You can see that in those tests the RAM used has lower timing latencies, which means that your mobo can handle it.

Try 7-7-7-20

Your CPU speed is in check with 1066 RAM, so no change there is necessry. If you, by any chance get hold of 1200 RAM, then you would be able to enjoy better gaming performance.

Well, I'm at 7-7-7-20 right now. I'm messing with the voltages right now and it didn't work with the 2.1 and right now I have it set to 2.2

but that 1200 ram, how would that work better with my computer? I know the 1200 is faster than the 1066 but can my mobo even handle ddr2 1200?

Tests show that your mobo can, but I can't guaratee that your CPU can. You should have same CPU as in the tests.

I just called up G. Skill. I was talking to someone and he was telling me to change some stuff.....

He told me to change some cpu settings as well as some ram settings, telling me to keep the ram at 5-5-5-15 and 1066. changing some other settings around.....well here is the screen.

cpu clock ratio to 8
cpu host clock control to manual
host frequency to 333

and here is the lower part of the screen

system voltage control to manual
ddr2 overvoltage control to + 3.0
MCH over voltage control to 1.0

but when I was going to test these options my computer wouldn't get past the black screen that would lead to the windows vista logo.

I reset the computer to test out some other bios things and then the bios freezes on me. twice. so he then goes on to tell me that something in my mobo isn't set properly or is just weird. your thoughts?

and yes my cpu is the same in the tests.... E6600 quad core set to 2.4

These are BIOS shots with 2-gig sticks, right?

First of all, you've set RAM timings to 4-4-4-12, which is beyond your RAM capability. That is first reason why it can't pass the POST. Those values in the brackets are SPD (inprinted in the RAM sticks) and you should stick to those and never go lower.

Second of all (as I suspected) take a look at memory frequency... 800 MHz. It must be 533. I suspect that this is the very root of your problems.

It is directly related to CPU frequency, and CPU frequency is 266 MHz. (it goes x2 for the memory freq. and x4 for the FSB, which is 1066 MHz)

So, if I were you, I would set the memory freq. manually to 533 and DRAM timings set to "auto".
Now, WHY your BIOS is setting memory freq. wrongly is the matter of BIOS that can be resolved only by BIOS update, providing that ppl in gygabite are aware of the problem and have released the fixed BIOS.

noooo, those screen shots were just to show what my bios looked like. that's not my computer at all, I listed my settings underneath the links. sorry for the confusion.


Sory for the confusion.. I'm expiriancing some real trojan trouble right now, so excuse my distraction....

hmm... CPU set to 333.. hmm should be 266. 333 is too high for your RAM, unless you aim to overclock.

Default values should be:
CPU 266 x 9 (333 x 8 is OC'd)
RAM 533, 5-5-5-15
All voltages on default

.. but I guess those were defult values that don't work well.

I would keep frequencies and timings on defaults, and increase the voltages gradually. Primarly, RAM voltage. You shouldn't be afraid to max it out.

If that doesn't work, then gradually lower the RAM frequency (underclocking). This is usually done when CPU is being OCd, but you have problems with RAM running at default CPU frequency, so it would be a next logical step.

In the long run, high voltage will shorten the RAM lifespawn, and underclocking will ruin the overall gaming performance.

Unless you find a painless solution regarding settings that would not impaire the performance, I can only conclude that RAM you bought isn't compatible with your mobo, or your mobo has obscured malfuncton.

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