I've just installed linux for the first time and after adding a new user with adduser command (and set a password) I am unable to log in with that user and password. I can display the user info with # finger <username>. but cannot login with that user and password. I can login with the root user just fine. I can modify the user.
I reckon I just need to set something but I don't know what - or I'm just doing something really dumb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :o

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It is possible that the password was fat-fingered, or possible that the home directory of that user doesn't exist, or permissions are mangled within it.

Login as the root user, and use the passwd "username" command again to set the proper password. Remember that Linux passwords are case sensitive. Also, look at /var/log/messages and see if the system is telling you what is wrong.

There is a dedicated Linux forum here on DaniWeb. If you need further help, just ask, and we can move this thread over there for examination. Not everyone visits the lounge here.


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